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The Art Room: My Happy Place

Since I've created The Art Room, there has been more and more interest in the lessons I provide! I am so excited that each day I get to be part of student's growth as artists and inspiring them to express their own personal ideas through visual arts! When I had an art room in schools, seeing over 600 students a week and implementing state standards, district curriculum and assessing students art, there was little time for students to explore their own personal voice in art class. When students come to The Art Room art studio in Arlington Heights and take private, semi-private or small group lessons, they have so much more time to learn what they are interested in learning! They also get individualized attention whether it be a private lesson or a small group lesson. What students can learn at The Art Room is unparalleled to what they receive in schools. Many parents know when their child has a propensity and enthusiasm for the visual arts, yet, they have limited places to go to cultivate their child's art interest. What the park district offers or craft classes are limited. Students that come to The Art Room are looking to be challenged, to learn skills, techniques and develop a sense of pride in their work that comes from problem solving, tenacity and craftsmanship in their work. I am truly in my happy place being a part of that process and watching student's light up when they learn a new skill or tackle challenging subjects! The Art Room is a happy place for me, Ms. Weres, but also for students who truly look forward to their lessons here each week! Please check out The Art Room Instagram & Facebook page to keep up with current happenings and see student art created here!

The Art Room: My Happy Place

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