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Celebrating Official 4 Years (Unofficial 22)!

The month of June is a time for celebrating 4 years officially in business as The Art Room studio! I had been teaching private art lessons in my home studio for 18 years. After teaching in the private and public schools during the day, I would come home and make dinner for my kids and teach lessons in my studio in the evenings. 4 Years ago, after teaching art nearly 30 years in schools, I officially launched The Art Room as my full time gig, nervously wondering if it would take off and be sustaining. People would say to me "when God closes a door, He opens a window". but I was literally leaping through that window with no safety net. And, I've been extremely blessed by the outpouring of support from family and friends. New students came and the enrollment built even with the last two years of the pandemic and the struggles of increased art materials and expenses, switching to virtual art lessons when the surge caused dangerously high numbers for in person art lessons and, being immune compromised, covid safety for myself as well as my students and their families. There has been an outpouring of support from my students and their families, keeping The Art Room studio a safe space for all. Students have been growing as artists, learning new art mediums and techniques all the while developing their artist voice. I'm so amazed by the rise in the number of students coming to The Art Room studio who are highly gifted, strong in the visual arts and creative thinkers! Students are mentored and taught to think like artists, set goals for themselves and work hard. This is not park district crafty classes for those who want to play; we're serious minded artists committed to creating artwork that is cutting edge, technically challenging and setting the bar high! My enrollment is now over 50 students weekly with a long waiting list! The window has indeed opened and the view is tremendously beautiful! I am so very blessed to continue being an art educator and artist, creating a private art school that is unparalleled to any art lesson experience, and thriving beyond my dreams!

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