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Art Studio Enrollment is Growing!

Enrollment has been steadily growing at The Art Room! We continue to offer Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Art Lessons in an art studio environment. Our private art school offers art lessons to highly gifted, creative students who are strong in the visual arts looking for an art studio to grow in developing their artist voice, learn new art mediums and increase their art skills. Our students are passionate about art and dedicated to a high level of rigor, problem solving skills and thinking like artists. We've limited our Small Group Art Lessons to 4 students maximum for safety during the pandemic. Now that students under 12 are eligible for vaccinations, we've discontinued offering virtual art lessons through zoom and are seeing students in-person, with safety precautions of masks, disinfecting, distancing, covid testing and quarantine when needed to keep all our staff, students and their families safe! I'm feeling especially blessed to continue to continue teaching art to these wonderfully gifted, young artists and be part of their art journey! Despite many challenges during the pandemic, I'm especially grateful for growth of our enrollment and support of encouraging parents who celebrate their children's artistic gifts! Be sure to check out our Instagram to see the amazing artwork created by our many students!

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