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For In Person Art Lessons

The Art Room COVID Safety Procedures for In-Person Lessons

  • Personal Protective Measures

    • Students and staff are fully vaccinated (up to date with boosters if eligible)

    • Students and staff wear a properly fitted N95 or KN95 at all times (see resources below for where to purchase, and how to check for a proper fit)

    • If eligible, student is participating in School District SHIELD program 

  • Social Distancing

    • Class size limited to 4 students maximum for distancing

    • Parents not entering the Art Studio (drop off/pick-up at door)

  • Environmental Safety and Sanitization Measures

    • Top-grade HEPA air filtration unit installed in the Art Studio, including window ventilation when weather permitting

    • Students remove shoes entering the Art Studio

    • Students use hand sanitizer before entering the Art Studio

    • Adherence to CDC guidelines for disinfecting the Art Studio, entryway, sink room & washroom before/after each art lesson (minimum 15 minutes allotted between lessons to thoroughly disinfect studio)

    • Students engage in regular hand washing (disposable towels provided)

    • Students use Disinfecting Wipes on all art supplies after use

  • Symptoms, Exposure, COVID Positive and Travel Policy

    • If your student arrives for their in-person lesson and is symptomatic they will be sent home (no rescheduling) 

    • If your student is experiencing any potential COVID symptoms, tested Positive for COVID OR was exposed to someone with COVID:

      • They are required to stay home from in-person lessons (rescheduling and virtual option available) 

      • The student will either need to complete a 10 Day Quarantine or provide a Negative PCR COVID Test before returning to in-person lessons.

      • The student may not return symptomatic.

    • If your student has traveled, they will need to either complete a 10 Day Quarantine or provide a Negative PCR COVID Test before returning to in-person lessons

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