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Art Lessons Age 8 Years through High School

Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Art Teacher; someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. I offer students the opportunity to explore new art mediums, develop techniques and skills but also encourage self-exploration and expressing one's voice through art. Take a look at the lessons I provide and choose the right one for you: Private, Semi-Private or Small Group Art Lessons.







Personalized Attention

Private Art Lessons offer students individualized learning opportunities and meet students at their artistic ability level and personalized interests. A students needs, interests and skills are assessed and opportunities to learn new art mediums, with one-on-one instruction with an experienced artist helps students to develop their artistic vision at their own pace and benefit from an artist mentor. 1 Hour Private Art Lessons, including all materials, are $60.  Tuition is paid on a monthly basis.  Please complete Contact Information to schedule your Private Art Lesson.

Shared 1 Hour Art Lesson

Shared Art Lessons offer students direct instruction and individualized learning opportunities, exploration of new art mediums and techniques along with developing personal art expression. A shared art lesson gives a student personalized instruction. Includes all materials. 1 Hour Semi Private Art Lesson is $35 each student. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis.  Please complete Contact Form to schedule Split Lesson Art Classes.

Small Group Art Lessons

Small group art lessons give students an opportunity to receive instruction in a small setting to learn new art materials, tools and techniques. Instructional scaffolding  meets the needs of a variety of ages and skill levels. Students can work independently while receiving small group instruction.  All materials included.  $25 per student for 1 hour. Minimum/Maximum 4 students.  Tuition is paid on a monthly basis.  Please complete Contact Form to inquire about ongoing groups and available openings for a Small Group Art Lesson.

My Lessons: My Lessons
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