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Welcome to The Art Room

The Art Room, located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, is a wonderful place for students to learn new art mediums, techniques and tools while developing their artist vision and explore their creative ideas. Since 2000, I have offered art lessons in my art studio where I've been a practicing artist all the while I was teaching Art in schools. Now, I am excited to continue lessons in The Art Room studio every day, offering lessons to K-12 students after school, adult lessons and painting parties. After 28 years of teaching in schools, The Art Room is now my own art school where I can inspire and teach students every day who are excited and passionate about art. I am thrilled to be working with students one-on-one or in small groups as they try new art mediums and grow as artists. The Art Room is a place for students to make their own, personal ideas happen. It is a creative studio and unique space for making art for kids through adults. I offer private art lessons, semi-private, small group, art camps, art parties and painting parties.

What is my art teaching philosophy? I have experienced teaching art in schools where testing, data collection, standards and limited time for arts education left little room for students to develop and explore their creative side. I embrace creative thinking, personal artwork, imagination, inspiration, play, process, choices, innovation and self-expression. I facilitate 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, problem solving and risk taking - all crucial to building self-esteem and future success in life.

I assess students needs, create an individualized learning opportunity and help students stretch their imaginations while developing their skills to create art they can be proud of.

The art created in The Art Room is unique to each student and their own ideas, not just those of the instructor. I believe creativity blossoms when students can express their unique view of the world and their experiences. I am here as facilitator, guide, mentor, teaching-artist and resource. I do not promote "cookie-cutter" art or step-by-step formula crafts where all student's artwork looks the same. Rather, I teach the tools, techniques and materials to help students grow their skills so they can successfully implement their ideas with care and craftsmanship. Students creating art in The Art Room walk away with work they are proud of and parents are excited by their abilities and growth as artists. I also provide exposure to contemporary artists, art history, art appreciation and art critique opportunities so students can learn how other artists throughout history have expressed their message to the world and how artists in societies have made an impact.

The Art Room is a space where we create a community of learners that value authentic art making with a foundation of solid art processes. I want to connect all ages in creative exploration no matter what art experience you may have. I have met students who are discouraged by not having enough time to make art at school, told they are not creative or good at art or lost confidence in their creative abilities even though they know deep inside they have a creative spirit! I also have met students with a high level of artistic ability and creative ideas who are looking for an opportunity to be supported and space to explore further. I believe we all are creative in some way, but express our creativity different. In The Art Room, individual learning styles and abilities are celebrated!

I am so excited to launch the official web-site, blog, Instagram, Facebook and direct ways in which I can connect with artists, students, parents and the community. Please visit again soon as updates will be made as The Art Room grows and expands! Thank you to all my students over the years, parents, friends, family, mentors and teachers who have encouraged me to expand to make my dream a reality. Blessings! Ms. Weres

Ms. Susan Weres

Art Educator/Artist

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