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Pouring Paint at The Art Room

The Pour Your Heart Out February Painting Event at The Art Room was quite a success. Two sessions were filled with artists excited to try their hand at pouring mediums. Wood hearts were prepared and primed and I demonstrated the technique for paint pouring using a strainer. You can check out the process on my YouTube channel:

At the end of February, I took it on the road and taught a paint pouring workshop at Westfield Middle School in Bloomingdale as part of their T.E.K. (Teachers Encouraging Kids) after school sessions. Deyana Matt, Art Teacher, was a wonderful host for The Art Room event as I taught students and staff paint pouring techniques. One student exclaimed "this is the best art project I've done all year!" and everyone asked for a return workshop. So, I'll be at Westfield Middle School again in May for our Paint Pouring #2!

Stay tuned for another upcoming paint pouring workshop in April, "When It Rains, We Pour!" Looking forward to sharing this exciting new art medium with other creative artists. What a blessing it has been watching The Art Room expand and grow. Lessons are filling up through the week and Saturdays and I am incredibly thankful for having new students coming to The Art Room, creating and learning new art mediums!

Pour Your Heart Out Valentine's Paint Pouring Event

Westfield Middle School Paint Pouring Workshop

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