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Fall into lessons at The Art Room

With Back to School, art lessons at The Art Room have increased in enrollment and more lesson days/times have opened up throughout the week! A parent & daughter visited The Art Room a few weeks ago to plan a Birthday Painting Party. They arrived during a Small Group Art Lesson and had an opportunity to see the exciting creativity and each student, individually, working on their own personal artwork. Students shared about what makes The Art Room unique and their excitement about coming for art lessons each week. After they left, I said to my class "Thank you for making The Art Room shine!". One student responded "Ms. Weres, we didn't have to do anything....we LOVE coming here!" My heart nearly burst with pride and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Many this past year have been so encouraging, supportive and reassuring as The Art Room has been building into an amazing Art School. Many have said that there is such a need for this kind of special art studio place and that once someone experiences The Art Room's unique art studio learning environment, it will naturally grow and flourish. And, it has! In addition to weekly art lessons, The Art Room has hosted workshops in various art mediums, techniques and special events giving participants an opportunity to be creative in their own unique and individual way. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love every day and be part of artists of all ages expressing their voice! Thank you to my support network of family and friends who have been encouraging and supportive this past year and especially to my students, who make each day a gift as an art educator and artist!

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