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Art Institute of Chicago Fieldtrip on MLK Day

Students of The Art Room were treated to a day at The Art Institute of Chicago on Martin Luther King Day when students were off from school. Ms. Weres organized a wonderful fieldtrip to all students of The Art Room. Not all could attend, but we had many of our students able to enjoy this special opportunity to see masterpieces from the AIC and tour the galleries. Ms. Weres led the morning tour, as docent, including opportunities for students to see artwork they were interested in viewing. She planned a personalized tour, with insightful background information about each artist and the artwork created while asking students questions to reflect, respond and engage with the art. After the tour, Ms. Weres planned a wonderful treat of lunch at the AIC Cafe for all students and chaperones. The AIC Cafe did a terrific job reserving our seating and having our lunch all prepared and ready for us! After lunch, we toured the Paperweight Gallery, Thorne Miniature Rooms and the Arms & Armor galleries, all the while looking at artwork throughout all the galleries at the AIC. A special thank you to Mrs. Popper, Mr. Muron and Mrs. Markevich for chaperoning that day and helping with the transportation back/forth from The Art Room to the AIC. We will definitely be planning this AIC fieldtrip next year and making it an annual event for students of The Art Room!

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